Blog (Yet to come)

I am Jaswanth Reddy Katthi. I am a second year Masters (in Research) student under the guidance of Dr. Sriram Ganapathy, being a part of LEAP lab, Indian Institue of Science, Bengaluru.

The lab is all about signal (especially speech) processing. I am currently looking into relationship between a natural speech stimuli and the corresponding human brain response (captured through EEG which is basically noisy). Our paper titled 'Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis For Decoding The Auditory Brain' to EMBC 2020 has been accepted:). It is my first paper and thanks to my supportive advisor who drove me forward whenever I got stuck.

I am fascinated about how this universe works, how the universe manages to exist, and of course why it exists. It forwards the question of existential crisis like why do 'I' exist. Which in turn pushes towards the question of defining 'I' as in, whether this 'I' is restricted to the limited number of atoms which form my 'physical body'. Or Am I more than that? Like if I influence a kid 1000 years, 1000 lightyears away from my physical existence, is it also the same "I" ? So am I still alive if my existence still exists even though I cannot 'feel' it? Or Am I dead because my 'physical body' ceased to exist? This further goes to question the 'physics' such as, do we really exist 'physically'? Or what is 'reality'? Or is the 'physicality' we 'feel'/'perceive' actually exists? What about the other vibrations and oscillations which cannot doesn't propagate the information through our senses?

The magical forces behind our consciousness, the subtle joy of being able to talk to naive machines and getting complex jobs done by them was the biggest driving factor towards science for the 10 year old me since the kid learnt about robots, rockets and science fiction. It has pushed me towards understanding how the biological systems work and how 'artificial' systems can be excelled. When I saw the Minions, I was easily able to relate them with my perception of the programs we write or the computers which execute them.

Apart from the science, ART plays a very influential part in my life. I enjoy movies, music, drama, theatre, paintings and all forms of works which try to speak for themselves, by any system (natural or man-made). India, in itself, is a very complicated chaotic world of its own mixture of cultures, languages, ethnicities, religions, heirarchies, etc. I was fortunate to spend parts of my life in three different states, each one speaks a different language. But virtually, the taste towards art has pushed me to explore a lot of other worlds. Being exposed to different genres, styles of expressions, languages, cultures, I have developed a very positive affinity towards every peice of work. Whenever I look at the art, my eyes always go through the the journey of its creation.

I can understand and speak Telugu, Hindi, English, Tamizh, Kannada. I am currently improving my knowledge in Kannada, Tamizh and Malayalam languages. Languages intrigue me a lot. They speak with me. As languages is how we communicate with each other, and as languages evolve for that sole purpose, I love to recognise the patterns they share with the languages which exist, geographically, beside them and compare with the other languages I know. It feels like I am solving a puzzle with all the peices existing before me. I don't know if I can call myself "a linguist", because I never had a proper education regarding these things. In our region, people go crazy about movies. Love towards movies by the environment I have grown up may be the biggest reason for my fascination towards arts.

Apart from the science and arts which occupies most of time for me as an individual, I feel myself as a part of this society too. The state of the world, politics, people, animals, birds, every system that can sense and process constantly rotates in my thoughts. From 'every living organism having a chance to play fair by the rules' to 'what the future has to present in its spatial and temporal advances', every topic has taught me its own lesson in its own style. And thoughts that the gut bacteria and the DNA protien, which has formed this multicellular (multi might a small word for billions) carrier to type this matter over here for a carrier of other gut bacteria and DNA, what about it ?